2016 Achievements

1. Continue to apply human resources and payroll system at the University of Jordan. The completion of analysis, programming, and the system is now applied in parallel with the old system.
2. Rebuild and develop self-registration system using modern technology.The new system takes into account security and protection of data using Single Sign On. It allows students to choose courses from study plan without the need to view school or university courses.
3. Release a new version of registration system works I-phone. It is in final stages of application.
4. The development of transport division system, it is in final testing stage in preparation for activation.
5.  Develop of consultation center system, it is in final testing stage in preparation for activation.
6. Rebuild and develop voluntary fund system using modern technology.
Computerize procedures related to scientific research and projects supported by third parties. This system belongs to financial funds unit in coordination with Deanship of Academic Research.
7. Modify financial funds programs, housing fund program and UJ’s club, to fit ID number of UJ’s Hospital.
8. Apply clearance system: This system includes faculty and administrative staff.
9. Computerize graduate students forms.
10. Develop higher specialization system.
11. Develop UJ’s Staff portal on Mobile App to become available for smart phones running Android system, I-phone. The employee can access personal information.
12. Personnel assessment system: this system allows to assess employees every month, so as, decision makers can have vision clear and accurate information that helps in the assessment in the end of the year. This system is currently applied in computer center and it will be applied in all UJ’s unit soon.
13. Create the following websites and e-pages by Web Development team at the center:
• Create website that contains all the information and details of developing curriculum climate change system.
• Website for office of legal affairs social service.
• Website for nursing spiritual treatment conference.
• Website for cultural magazine of the University of Jordan.
• Website for school of Languages ​​/ Aqaba branch.
• Website for museums and monuments.
• Website for METHODS project.
• Reload the website of Consultation Center.
•Website for UJ’s laws and regulations.
• Website for "lamda" /Department of Physics, School of Science.
• Website for Training students of graduates.
• Website for School of Business Conference.
• Website for English Language and Literature Teachers Association.
• Website for UJ’s memory (it includes all existing and old photos at the University of Jordan). 
14. Activate warehouse system/ Aqaba branch.
15. Develop the website of UJ’s Aqaba Branch:
• Design a page for assessment of faculty members.
• Design a page for housing Fund.
• Red Sea conference to study terrorism and extremism.
16. Update databases in computer center to improve efficiency and speed of performance.
17. Work on Private Cloud Server.
18. Unify maintenance contracts related to servers used in the University of Jordan.
19. Develop Operating Systems in computer center, to keep pace with technological development and solving problems.
20. Work on WAF to raise the level of protection for websites and portals of the University.
21. Implement logs for all systems and computers at UJ and link it with central control system. This is one of the most important projects that provide records when needed.
22. Implement data encryption system on academic staff computers, to protect them from eavesdropping and to provide a safe mechanism for sharing files.
23. Provide Penetration testing in all UJ’s e-services, to facilitate and provide periodic reports.
24. provide information security requirements in several committees and special projects in computer center including: new financial system, new registration system, new human resources system, new election system at UJ and archiving system.
25. Provide schools and laboratories with computers and inkjet printers.
26. Renew visual communication laboratory -Atheer.
27. Monitor the implementation of maintenance contract.
28.  Increase the number and efficiency of computerized exams.
29. Begin in creating computer lab at the School of Arts and Design.
The lab will include 100 computers; it will be used for computerized exams.
1. Computerize student elections system.
2. Update application server from 10g to weblogic12c
center Achievements
03 Oct, 2016