Cooperation with the Information Technology Center.. The Deanship of Scientific Research at "UJ" holds a training workshop entitled "Mechanism for creating a website for a research group" ​

​The Deanship of Scientific Research at the University of Jordan, in cooperation with the Information Technology Center, held a training workshop entitled "Mechanism for creating a website for a research group". foreign.

The workshop aimed to introduce the mechanism of creating a website for a research group registered at the University of Jordan, containing all the data of the group such as its name and logo, the names and information of the group members, the research line and research interests, existing and completed research projects, published research related to the group's research line, and contact information. And links to the group's social media, its news and activities, the request to join the group, the group's photos and videos, and its devices and equipment.

The Head of the External Projects Division at the Deanship of Scientific Research, Reham Dannoun, explained the importance of the need for these websites, as they are the appropriate means of communication with the external community.

The Head of the Web Development Division at the Information Technology Center, Engineer Fares Al-Smadi, presented the websites that were created for the purpose of designing research groups and the mechanism of managing their content by faculty members and those responsible for content so that they are unified in their design for all research groups, with the difference in their internal content according to the group and its line. research.

The Dean of Scientific Research, Dr. Faleh Al-Sawair, concluded the workshop by explaining the importance of working within clear research lines, and within international research groups of various specializations, due to its importance in producing global qualitative research, pointing to the necessity of having websites for these groups to improve their global visibility, and increase networking opportunities between researchers. He described it as a means to present the achievements of the university's research groups and their qualitative research that has an impact on various sectors.