Infrastructure and Networks Department

The Infrastructure and Networks Department is responsible for overseeing the wired and wireless networks infrastructure operations. It consists of two sections, the Wired and Wireless Networks Section and the Internet and Safety Section.


The Department follow-up and executes the following tasks:

(1) Develop the existing wired network by replacing the sub and main switches with modern ones and of greater capacities and competence.

(2) Provide internal networks for the most important buildings in the University and provide backup paths.

(3) Provide connectivity service for buildings under construction (Faculty of Arts, the Admission and Registration building, Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, housing, Jerash and Ammon student housings).

(4) Preparation of additional computer labs to meet the needs of greater number of students and conduct more computerized examinations.

(5) Follow-up on internal network administration software to detect faults and bottlenecks.

(6) Networking with off-campus units (Faculty of Physical Education, Agricultural Research Station in Jordan Valley) and provide those units with Internet service.

(7) Installation of new lines.

(8) Provide wireless internet in classrooms, hallways and students gathered points to serve the students and faculty.

(9) Provide fixed and wireless phone services through the university network.

(10) Provide Internet service through two tracks, the major university network and the alternative network (Telecommunications Company).

(11) Networking the horizon - Library project.

(12) Provide Cache Engines to improve network efficiency and speed the exchange of information for Internet users.

(13) Provide video-conferencing service via ​​the internal and external networks.

(14) Provide protection and Internet security, through the application of network safety tools.