Center's Strategy


The Computer Center seeks to be a local and regional reference, and a model for the provision and development of information technology services that contribute to the support of operations related to educational, research and administrative affairs.


1. To provide computer services to university students through the provision of hardware, software and various operating tools.
2. To provide computer services for researchers at the University by providing the necessary hardware, software and usage training, in support of scientific research and graduate studies.
3. To provide computer services related to the introduction of IT in the administrative procedures at the university colleges, centers and departments.
4. To provide training opportunities on uses and applications of computers for individuals inside and outside the University in accordance with instructions set by the Board of the Center.
5. To provide consultation and computer services for public and private institutions, and to organize, manage, implement and follow-up these services in exchange for fees determined by the President upon the recommendation of the Board and without interrupting the technical work and studies of the Center.


Develop and provide the best services and electronic systems with high quality, in a secure and reliable environment, to achieve success in the educational process, research and administration, using the latest information technology and infrastructure, to meet the needs of all participants in the march of the University, serve the community and achieve quality standards to improve the rank of the University globally.