Database and Quality Department

The Database and Quality Department is responsible for ensure maximum up time for the database so that it is always available when needed. This will typically involve proactive periodic monitoring and troubleshooting. Other closely related tasks and roles are database security, database monitoring and troubleshooting, and planning for future growth.

The Database and Quality  Department has the following tasks:

1. Install, Update and Upgrade Database Server and Application Tools

2. Monitor Databases and Databases Systems Performance, Availability and Capacity for Improvements for Several Users

3. Backup and Restore Databases

4. Controlling and Monitoring User Access and Prepare End user Authorization for Systems and Databases

5. Develop a Password Security Policy

6. Export and Import databases

7. Configuration and Deployment on Application Servers.

8. Configure and Manage Databases.

9. Diwan System Administration and support.

10. Omnidocs Administration and Support​.

11.Administer and support Plagscan system