An inspection visit by the Vice President for Administrative Affairs to the laboratories of the Information Technology Center

Professor Dr. Ziad Al-Hawamdeh, Vice President of the University for Administrative Affairs, on Saturday 11/18/2023, conducted an inspection tour of a number of the Information Technology Center laboratories to check on the progress of the computerized mid-term exams for the university's requirements.

During his tour, the professor was assured of the measures that had been taken to ensure the readiness of laboratories to hold computerized exams and to create appropriate conditions to allow students to complete their exams easily and without obstacles, and to adhere to the controls for performing exams and take all measures that provide comfort, safety, and support for them. In the presence of the Director of the University Requirements Office, Professor Dr. Aida Al-Awamleh, subject coordinators, specialist subject professors, and the staff of the Information Technology and University Security Center.

During his tour, the doctor listened to the comments of several students about the exam questions and any comments from them. At the end of the tour, the professor praised the efforts made and the measures taken to make the exams successful. He also wished success and success to all students, noting that the number of students applying for today was 8,000 male and female students.